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Heather Hennenburg, M.Ed., CCC
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Certified perchlorinate specializing in work with creative individuals
and people who are interested in personal growth and making
the most of life's transitions.

I’ve been there, and that’s why I focus my practice on personal growth.
Counselling doesn’t have to be about mental illness. It can be about
fulfilling your potential and living a creative and authentic life.

That's not to say that you, like everyone, won’t occasionally experience
periods of depression or intermittent bouts of anxiety. These are normal when
you are growing and making changes in your life. That’s where counselling
comes in: compassion, wisdom and insight.

However, counselling sometimes leads us to believe that simply understanding
and gaining insight into our problems will create change. Understanding and
insight are only the beginning steps. The most important part of achieving your
goals is taking action: integrating the insights, building a plan, and following
through. That’s where coaching comes in: Inspiration, motivation and accountability.

Some of my areas of specialization include:

My mission is to offer support and inspiration as you get to know your true gifts
and define your unique role in the world. 610-228-1408

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What clients are saying:

"I came to Heather for help with a big life change. I appreciated the warm and
accepting environment she created. With her support and encouragement I was
able to make this transition with confidence and learn important things about
myself in the process. Her help was so valuable to me and I continue to benefit
from our work together." - B. H.

"I feel like my life has such purpose and direction and courage after finding you as a
safe haven to fall back on…you've made such a difference in my life, and when I see
people I am close with struggling, or seeking direction, it's an obvious move to
pass them to you." - D. S.

"I met with Heather at a time when I was very confused about my future. I knew that
the career path I had chosen had taken a turn somewhere and had left me feeling bored
and undervalued, but I didn’t know how to stop the cycle. I also didn’t know how to find
a job that would make use of my best skills. With remarkable patience and clarity,
Heather helped me embark on a path that is still surprising me nearly two years later.
This path is nothing less than the quest to find my life’s work, as well as to embrace my
lost creativity. I brought every fear I had to Heather, every reason I could think of to
avoid the work I knew I needed to do, and she skilfully refuted my fears with a mixture
of wisdom and humour. I would recommend Authentic Life Counselling to anyone who is
stuck, who is yearning to dream bigger; your dreams are only dreams until you make them
into reality." - J. W.

"I didn't actually know what Coaching would bring to my life when I started working
with Heather. I brought the goal to enjoy and live my life in a fulfilling and meaningful
way. What I thought my goal was when we started actually evolved by talking about
some of the root issues that were preventing me from experiencing my life. After more
than a decade of trying to figure out a way to get around some of the issues that keep
me in crazy and out of living, Heather actually helped me break through the biggest
fear and reason I've never been able to let go. It was like a miracle! I would recommend
coaching with Heather to anyone I know who wants to improve their quality of life and
get free of whatever is holding them back." - L. N.

" Meeting with Heather during a very difficult period in my life was an extremely
life-asserting experience. Heather’s natural acceptance and trust in individual
happiness and true potential was a constant source of inspiration as I delved deep
into myself. Endowed with an amazing capacity to ask the most mindful and insightful
questions at just the right time, Heather allowed me to reveal my hidden emotions to
myself in a very safe space. Time and again I was amazed with her astute and caring
observations, which always hit the perfect balance of compassion, acceptance and
encouragement. My time with Heather allowed me to develop self-guidance along the
path of recognizing and realizing how to create the most full and honest life for myself.
It has been a wonderful experience." - M. I.

"Heather helped me understand the reasons I'd been enduring a verbally and emotionally
abusive relationship for more than two years. She helped me gain the clarity and insight
to become strong enough to leave the relationship, and begin the real work of recovery.
In the painful aftermath, she helped me understand that my pain was less to do with my
cruel, narcissistic ex-partner than my own lingering feelings of invisibility and low self-worth.
She made links between the abusive relationship and my childhood, not merely on an
intellectual level, but an emotional level. Heather had the insight to help me see how I
was continuing to react to unhealthy situations in the way I had as a scared, neglected
child. Once I understood this dynamic that had clouded my entire personal life, and which
has allowed difficult people to enter into it, I could begin changing old beliefs and behaviours
that were no longer serving a purpose for me. For the first time in my life, instead of
rebounding into another problematic relationship, I am facing my fears dead on." - L. H.

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