SkimpTrip gives travelers real-time custom budgets to beat before every trip.

Reduce travel spend by 30%, one employee at a time.

Motivates smart spending by letting employees keep half of the money they save on their business trips. It's cost control your whole company will love. When employees get to keep half of what they save, they're motivated to spend company money as carefully as their own. They go above and beyond to spend below company policy and save in extraordinary ways.

  • Flying economy instead of business class
  • Using public transport instead of chauffer driven cars
  • Booking a lower star class hotel
  • Staying with a friend or in an Airbnb or in an Oyo.

Budget to beat : When employees beat their budgets, they keep half the savings

SkimpTrip generates a custom Budget to Beat for each trip. Employees simply enter in their itinerary details, and SkimpTrip's algorithms calculate how much the trip should cost, based on available booking options and your company’s travel policy.

Real Rewards

When employees book under budget, they earn reward points that can be redeemed for cash cards, gift cards, travel perks, and charitable donations. The result? Business travelers become cost-conscious: they’re motivated to book in advance, take the early flight out, stay with friends, rent smaller vehicles, and more. SkimpTrip can be configured to reward the affordable, policy-compliant options specified by your company.


SkimpTrip Insights gives full visibility into every trip

Provides comprehensive data on spending, savings, and rewards activity. Duty of care, travel management administration, and comprehensive reporting are all included in the platform.

You see who's saving, who's spending, and how to optimize your company's results. You'll have instant access to your company's entire travel picture on our comprehensive analytics and reporting dashboard, along with weekly and monthly status reports sent straight to your inbox.

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