With Age comes Wisdom; Antique Slots are Still Booming

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Classic slots are still incredibly popular these days despite the introduction of new technologies that allow for interactive gameplay, progressive jackpots and even 3D graphics. These machines will likely always be a hit, and there are plenty of venues out there that still offer them to all of their visitors.

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Understanding the Machine

These machines are considered 'classic' because they resemble the vintage slots that first made their way into pubs, bars and casinos around the world. Commonly referred to as 'pokies' or 'one-armed bandits', they feature only three reels and usually a single payline, but some of them may have three paylines. The themes are generally simple and feature fruits, playing cards or even symbols that have to do with money. Although the online version has been virtualized, in the land-based variants, players were required to insert coins and pull a handle.

Free Options

Thankfully, players who want to experience everything that this game has to offer do not have to spend their hard-earned money to do so. There are numerous venues offering free classic slot machines in varying themes so that customers can relive the past. Rather than real money, clients will often be provided with credits or points that are used just like coins. In this manner, the player can compare his or her score with the competition and perhaps even enter completely free tournaments that allow for yet another level of fun and excitement.

Types of Games

When it comes to 3-reel slots, there are many types of games from which customers can choose. They may opt for the games that produce frequent small payouts, but others will go for the ones that payout infrequently but have huge potential with a large jackpot. The best type of game comes down to player preference, though, as there is no one game that will suit everyone's wants and needs. It is best to find a list of all of the venues offering unpaid games and go from there. Most of these venues do not require any registration or downloading, meaning that customers can simply navigate their web browsers to the game page, click play and get started right away.

Still Good Slots

Still Good Slots is an internet resource that is dedicated to providing consumers with access to paid and free 3-reel slot machine options. These games come in a variety of styles, themes and graphics options. Not only do we review the games themselves, but we also review the casinos so that clients can rest assured that they will enjoy an experience that is always safe and secure. We offer up strategies, game explanations, betting strategies and much more to both new and experienced players.

The pokies, one-armed bandits, slots or whatever a gamer chooses to call them are the most popular games in casinos both online and off. The classic variations are still quite popular, so players should learn about them an give them a go.